Classic Cars & Motorcycles Brake And Clutch Relining

Brake and Clutch Relining for Classic, Vintage, and Historic Cars and Motorcycles In addition to our other brake and clutch relining services we also do relining for all classic, historic, or antique cars, trucks, and motorcycles. We have the capabilities and experience to service any make, model, or year plus we can custom fabricate brake […]

Industrial Equipment Brake & Clutch Relining

Heavy Equipment Brake and Clutch Relining Cranes, Forklifts, Elevators & Escalators, off-road and Marine Application – Industrial Brake & Clutch Exchange┬áis the #1 choice of the crane brake industry. Our high heat resisting friction material has low fading characteristics which allows longer life, safety and production where external heat is present. – Industrial Brake & […]

Industrial Brake & Clutch Exchange – Clutch Relining

Our Company has been servicing various industries using NON-ASBESTOS friction material and has been servicing our customers, for over 25 years. We provide clutch and brake relining services for industrial machine equipment in the machine production shops, all marine applications, off-road equipment, cranes and rigging, as well as mining and drilling, or any custom fabrication […]