Classic Cars and Motorcycles – Brake & Clutch Relining

c889234799e865bbe90cee71f6cd2e53_MIn addition to our other brake & clutch relining services we also provide relining for all classic cars, historic cars, antique cars, trucks, and motorcycles. We have the capabilities and experience to service any make, model, or year. We can custom fabricate brake shoes, bands, or clutches to your exact specifications. Discontinued brakes are always welcome as well.

You can drop shoes or clutches for your classic car or antique motorcycle off right at our Seminole, FL facility. If you are not in the nearby area you can ship them by UPS or any other carrier and we will gladly accept them. There is usually a one day turnaround in most cases.

Trust us with your custom fabrication or just to reline a set of discontinued brake shoes for your classic car or motorcycle. We have over 15 years’ experience custom fabricating experience for classic and historic vehicles. Your safety and the well-being of your “baby” is in the right hands when you choose Industrial Brake and Clutch Relining.