Industrial Equipment Brake & Clutch Relining

Heavy Equipment Brake and Clutch Relining

Cranes, Forklifts, Elevators & Escalators, off-road and Marine Application

– Industrial Brake & Clutch Exchange is the #1 choice of the crane brake industry. Our high heat resisting friction material has low fading characteristics which allows longer life, safety and production where external heat is present.

– Industrial Brake & Clutch Exchange offers a full line of cured molded blocks in all overhead crane sizes. 8″ drum diameter thru 30″ diameter linings. over 50% of our production time is overhead crane linings.

We offer our customers a choice of ON-PREMISE HOT BONDING, COLD BONDING or RIVETING to meet ALL of your brake relining needs.

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• Magnetic & Hydraulic Brakes • Cranes • Hoist Motors
• Mill Machines •Conveyors • Electric Brakes
• ED&M • Square D • Westinghouse
• Wagner • Cutler Hammer • P&H
• G.E .• Mondel • Clark
• Shawbox • Morgan •Alliance


Trust us with your custom fabrication or just to reline a set of discontinued brake shoes. We have over 25 years’ experience custom fabricating experience for classic and historic vehicles. Our shop services include relining of brakes and clutches, hot or cold bonding, riveting, custom fabrication and machining. We offer a wide variety of molded and woven friction material in various widths and degrees of thickness to fit your application. We only use material that is guaranteed OEM equivalent. We also sell woven and molded rolls, sheets, blocks, and arched slabs in any length as well as rivets, bolts and epoxies.

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Brake Relining and Clutch Relining by Industrial Brake and Clutch

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